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oh wow! I can put a description here! hehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehe u learn something everyday! Only in my case, i learn it every minute to an hour. :)


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okay guys, I'm done with my sorry attempts for excuses. I really am trying but with school and softball this freaking writers block again...*sigh* anyway, I'm currently in a Doctor Who/Roosterteeth/dark theories in cartoons mode/phase. I was on tumblr (because I finally got one and am addicted to it) going through my likes when I found out the video I liked about the Courage the Cowardly Dog theories when I thought, "What else is there for my childhood cartoons?" So I looked it up and found some other ones.

So I might be starting a story about the Samurai Jack/Powerpuff Girls theory. Basically its that Samurai Jack is in the future of the Powerpuff Girl's universe. Like this picture:…

I'll post like a little intro when I can and tell me what you guys think okay?

Also at 2:00 through 5:00, I'm going to be crying my heart out because the episode of Doctor Who The End Of Time will be on and I'm going to need my chocolate and lots of tissues for today.


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H + I = Window!!
United States
*I'm just going to put random pictures that I like here*
I love Death Note, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Naruto, Bleach, Blood C, Hellsing, and other animes. Fav. songs. r Screamo songs/Bands, Bullet For My Valentine, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet, Muse, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Maroon 5, Breaking Benjamin, Hollywood Undead (the old one with Deuce. I think they lost it when they lost Deuce), The Lonely Island, Rammstein, Serj Tankian (The lead singer of System of a Down), System of a Down. Godsmack, Mindless Self Indulgence, Saliva, Repo! The Genetic Opera, eRa, Slipknot, and basically no pop songs, n a little rap (i.e. Eminem, Lil Wayne, DMX). My family thinks i'm going emo just bcuz i like black and other dark colors and i like screamo songs and i never smile when i get home. (They should see me at school.) And I SUCK at DRAWING!!! I love Supernautral (tv show), Looney Tunes (the old one not The Loony Tunes Show. That show is a piece of crap), House, and I saw The Rocky Horrors Picture Show. And I'm not a big fan of Yaoi. (I only approve of MelloxMatt). Well... that's basically it. I guess. :P :) :D
Ohh!!!! let me tell you about how I became like how I am today! My mom was baby sitting this little kind named... Max (I think. It was long ago), well anyway, when I was still an infant, my mom let him hold me and apparently he was standing by some stairs. He dropped me (by mistake) and I fell down those seven stairs. Yeah, seven stairs can do that to you! So that;s why I'm random. n I often think about how my life would be like if i hadn't been dropped down those stairs. oh well! I'm happy with my life~!

Favourite genre of music: screamo (BVB, Asking Aexandria), rock (Disturbed, Linkin Park)
Shell of choice: mac & cheese! (not sure whether that was the right shell...oh well! I thank my stupidity!)
Favourite cartoon character: (s): L, Sebastian, Spongebob, Patrick, n many more that won't fit on here. :)
Personal Quote: "Hey, how's it going?" "

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